Photo Art

What I refer to as “photo art” is produced digitally on computer, usually with the main photo element a visual component of the design. A common process used by many is “cloning” the photo to look like a oil painting, water color, pastel, etc. This is most often a automatic software process yielding mediocre results. But cloning a photo “manually”, using a virtual brush as if actually painting, can create a more natural media look as well as depict a unique style. Some pretty interesting and creative compositions can be created using this method. Cloning can be so complex as to toally obscure the original photo image with a totally new image. I work from my own photography and those images of others which are free of restrictions. So much can be done with the myriad of complex compositing methods in today’s software that photo manipulation is almost unlimited. And one can have lots of fun utilizing digital painting tools to alter photographic imagery in endless ways.

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